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The pupils of 2nd to 6th class are involved in the School choir .There are three types of choirs in our school ,a 20 piece choir , a 30 piece choir and a 50 piece choir. The 20 piece choir also competes in the community games choir competition .The 30 piece choir perform in St .John's Cathedral in Limerick.

The 50 piece choir perform in the crescent shopping centre each year at Christmas to raise funds for the school and the  community games. This choir also performs in St. Mary's church when pupils are receiving Holy Communion and Confirmation.
Mrs Hilliard is the conductor of all the choirs and Lisa Murphy accompanies the choir on the keyboard. Some pupils accompany the choir with various instruments. We have choir practise in the hall every Wednesday. We sing a variety of songs including Panis Angelicus , Hallelujah, I will follow him and Hakuna Matata.

On the 24th of October the choir went to Dublin to audition for the late late toy show.Thirty children went up to Dublin.It took around two and a half hours to get up there.We went to the rte studios to get filmed and auditioned.They took a picture of us and they put it on a table with all of the other auditions.