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field trip june 2015

posted 3 Jul 2015, 04:40 by Gerardine Culhane   [ updated 3 Jul 2015, 05:04 ]

room 3
all the  class  went  to bank of  ireland to  see  how  a bank works.We  went  on  wednesday june 24.We  took lots  of  photos.the  children  saw the  safes and  the  machines where  money is taken out  and  put in.Also  the  kids  went  down stairs to  see big  safe  with a really  thick  door .It  was  very  cold  down  there.Then  on  june  26  the  whole  class went  on  a  picnic  to the  banks  of  the  river  deel .Itwas a lovely  sunny  day ,and  the children ate  buns  sweets and  chocolate  and drank 7 up  and fanta. It  was  a  magical time.I took  2  big rugs and  the  children sat  down  and  relaxed
picnic 26 june 2015
photo at  bank 24 june 2015


posted 9 Jan 2013, 08:07 by Gerardine Culhane


9 -1-2013

posted 9 Jan 2013, 07:48 by Gerardine Culhane

twenty one children in today  12 girls and 9 boys.  we finished our look at teddy book.we cut out circles and  did pe at  1.00

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