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Every morning and evening 5th and 6th class help children cross the road safely. There are 6 people on each team. There is a captain, a vice captain, 2 dummies and 2 people on the signs. We have 3 teams. Each morning we go out at about quarter to 9 and come back in when the bell rings. In the evening we go out at ten to three and come back in when everyone has crossed safely. Mrs McMahon comes out with us in the morning to make sure we do our job correctly. Mrs O'Brien comes out with us in the evening.
If you want to become a warden you have to be trained by a guard. At the start of each year a guard comes to our school and trains the new wardens. Every year there is a competition between Limerick and Tipperary schools. If you become a warden you can go on the school tour for free. You have to pay the bus fee though!
Being a warden is a very important job. We can't mess or chat on the road or someone could get hurt or injured. We all take it seriously.