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Homework Club

In St Anne's Primary school we have a free homework club on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Juniors to sixth class can participate. Juniors and seniors have their own homework club from 1.50 till 2.50 and the rest of the classes do it until 3.50.
These are the teachers that participate in homework club Tina, Carmel, Mrs Baggott, Marie, Ms O'Connor and Valerie and some times Ms O' Shea fills in for a teacher if they are out. The classes that we do homework club are in Room 9, 10 and 11.
The homework club is a great way for children all ages to do their homework fully accompanied by volunteering parents and teachers.

Homework club is free and anyone can join. If parents are busy in the evenings it is great that they know they are getting all their homework done in the homework club.
At the end of the year we go on a trip, for being good and doing our homework so well !!